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Upload photos to facebook

Current facebook limitations (relevant to photo storage):
  • There is no limit on the total number of images.
  • You can only upload up to 200 photos per album using the Facebook interface (Desktop applications have a limit of 1000 photos per album)
  • The width of any picture is limited to 604 pixels.
  • The height of any picture is limited to 604 pixels.

Let's start by analyzing the default upload options provided by facebook:

HTML interface (you do not have to download or install anything). Click on your profile, click on "Photos" and either choose an existing album or create a new one by clicking on "Create a Photo Album". Enter the name of the new album and click on "Create Album". The new album will brig up the upload interface, for the existing album you have to click on "Add Photos". If your browser supports Java it will automatically load the Java interface. You can switch to the HTML interface by choosing "Try the Simple Uploader" from the bottom of the dialog. The HTML interface allows you to upload up to 5 images at one time. You can repeat the process to upload all your photos in the created or selected album.

Java interface or ActiveX Control (you need an up to date Java engine). It works the same as the HTML upload, but automatically resizes the images before uploading, that is why the upload works faster as in the case of the basic HTML interface. The resize algorithm sometimes does not give best results. There are some complaints from Blackberry and DSLR Camera users.

Directly from your phone using MMS. You send the photo to facebook over MMS, then you get a confirmation code that can be used in your browser to add the photo to your profile/album. Since this option is not suited to conveniently upload multiple photos, we will not get into details.

Beside what Facebook offers, third party developers use the facebook API to enable uploading direct from their applications. Depending on the type of application (WEB, desktop) you have to download and install their application on your computer before using it.

  • AZImage - has an easy to use interface and provides better image quality and upload speeds than the default facebook options. We treat the subject of uploading photos with AZImage in this separate article.
  • iPhoto

Frequent questions and answers:

1. When I upload my photos to Facebook, they come out horrible?
If you upload photos that are wider or higher than 604 pixels, facebook will compress them. Various resizing schemes provide different results (see for example this video). Facebook compression is trying to reduce the file size, that is why your photos are sometimes looking bad. A better solution is to resize your photos and upload them directly resized. A tool that can do both for you, inclusive raw file conversion is AZImage.

2. Why is the Java uploader not working? What other options do I have?
Your Java engine is not up to date or the security settings in your browser are not allowing it to run properly. You can update your JRE (Java runtime environment), add Facebook to the list of trusted sites or switch to a third party application.

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