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15.03.2010: Major update to the site design. We hope you enjoy it, please leave us feedback on the support email address.

27.07.2009: Update to the site design and improved page generation speed.

06.19.2004: Minor update to the site interface. Fixed warnings that appeared due to the php upgrade on the server.

01.31.2004: Minor update to the freeware tool FileUtils. Improved interface and few additional changes.

06.10.2003: We have added the German version of our site (it does not contain the news section). It is accessible by clicking the German flag available under the menu.

05.19.2003: You can use Opera 7.10 or later with our website. We have just checked our website with Opera and seems that it is ok.
The section for components was changed. We added the TRoStringGrid Demo to our site (demo program, screenshots, etc).

05.12.2003: A new improved and user friendly version of our website is released. We support right now Mozilla & Internet Explorer browsers. Support for Opera browser is on its way! Do you want to leave us feedback? Please do so!

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